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The allure of finding valuables is exciting and can become addictive, whether you’re panning for gold, searching for lost treasure, valuable minerals, gems, just plain interesting rocks or even rare edible plants such as ginseng and mushrooms. The excitement of learning new prospecting techniques and the search itself is why most of us are attracted to this hobby.

“Pans Ready” is a journal of my thirst for prospecting. Readers who want to learn more will find references to equipment, locations and prospecting techniques. If you like a good story, these adventures, and miss-adventures, are sure to pique your interest.


Barry May, Chief Prospecter

Who am I? Well…  still trying to figure that out. I’m a security consultant working for a predominant firm in Asheville, North Carolina. When I find a little time in the day, I write fiction and non-fiction articles and books. I’ve had many other job descriptions over the years and some of these will be touched on in my articles. Incidentally, mountains with gold, gems and interesting rocks surround Asheville in western North Carolina.

One consistent fact remains; I’m a treasure hunter at heart and prospect for gold, gems and rocks. I, and many in my party, are addicted and have incurable gold fever.

Are your pans ready?